Community Nursing Committee

According to the 2021 Census, Enfield has an estimated 4,509 residents, with 1,156 of those residents 65 and over. The Town of Enfield  had 357 calls for emergency medical services in 2021, including 34 calls related to residents falling and needing medical assistance. Of the fall related incidents, 29 of them involved residents age 60 and over. In addition to reducing falls, it is recognized that many residents have stable but chronic conditions that do not qualify for traditional home health or hospice benefits. This creates a gap in home health care. Our goal is to hire a part-time Enfield Community Nurse to fill this gap.

In 2021, a group of like-minded Enfield residents formed a steering committee to assist in the planning community nurse services for Enfield. The Community Nursing Project aims to reduce the number of falls and repeat hospitalizations, and improve the lives of Enfield residents wishing to age in place. A Community Nurse will help Enfield residents live safely and as independently as possible at home and in their community, while also offering support to their families. There are many towns in the Upper Valley who currently have Community Nurses, each serving hundreds of clients services including: 

  • Home visits to assess current health care needs
  • Care management and coordination with community service/providers
  • Health education for clients, families and the community
  • Fall risk assessment and intervention
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Preparation of advance directives
  • Symptom management
  • Family support and client advocacy
  • Community health clinics

There is no charge to clients for this service. 

Committee Members

Name Title
Emily Curtis Member (2026)
Affrille Degoma Chair (2027)
Stephen Powell Member (2027)
Cynthia Loring Member (2026)
Parker Hinshaw Vice Chair (2026)
Sheila Bessette Secretary (2025)
Dawna Pidgeon Member (2025)
Alice Kennedy Select Board Liaison (2025)