Dog Licenses

All dogs residing in the Town of Enfield must be registered with the Town Clerk’s office annually by April 30

Owners must present a valid, current rabies certificate and spaying or neutering certificate, if applicable, at the time of licensing. Charges vary depending on whether your dog is a puppy or adult dog and whether or not it is spayed or neutered. Residents over the age of 65 pay a reduced fee for the first dog license and full price for any additional licenses. Failure to register your dog before June 1st results in a penalty fee, plus a per month late fee for each subsequent month that the dog is not licensed. The Town’s animal control officer may impound unlicensed dogs. All costs associated with the impoundment are the responsibility of the dog’s owner.

Click here for more information on Animal Control Services within the Town of Enfield (rabies vaccination requirements and certificates, cruelty to animals, horses, animal husbandry, domestic animal diseases etc)