Community Building Rental

Community Building - 308 US Route 4, Enfield NH
Community Building
Enfield Community Building

Please note: Private Rentals of the Enfield Community Building are for Enfield residents Only. When requesting a reservation please include the time you need before your event for set-up and the time you need after your event for clean up.

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Yes, there's WiFi!

Questions? Please call (603) 632-5026.


Please note:

Building Rental Application (Rev. April 2017)

You must abide by the Building Rental Rules

Building Rental Checklist


Building Rental Rules (Rev. April 2017)

Required Reading

Dish Sanitizer Instructions


Pass-Thru Cooler Measurements


Policy for Scheduling of the Enfield Community Building


TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy)

Insurance is required if alcohol will be present at your event