Public Hearing - Expenditure from Capital Reserves & Trust Funds

Town of Enfield NH
Public Hearing Notice

The Board of Selectmen, as agents to expend, will hold a public hearing

Monday, December 3, 2018
6:30 PM
Public Works Facility
74 Lockehaven Road, Enfield

to discuss and take appropriate action on the expenditure of capital reserve funds (CRF) for the following purposes:

  1. Expend up to $16,000 for Water Asset Management from Municipal Water System CRF
  2. Expend up to $45,000 from Municipal Water CRF/Municipal Sewer CRF (50/50 split) for F350   truck
  3. Expend up to $25,000 from CIP CRF for Municipal Facilities Optimization Study
  4. Expend up to $30,000 (100% principal forgiveness so vote for interest amount only) from Sewer CRF for Wastewater Asset Management  (2018 Town Meeting Article 12)

If appropriate action has not already been taken through previous votes, the Board of Selectmen will also discuss and take appropriation action to withdraw funds from the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) CRF for the following purposes:

  1. Jones Hill Road Improvement Project loan payment
  2. 2012 Capital Lease Payment
  3. 2014 Capital Lease Payment  
  4. 2016 Capital Lease Payment
  5. Boys Camp Road Bridge & Mascoma Lake Boat Launch Project
  6. 2017 Capital Lease Payment

Other action which may be discussed and acted upon include:

  1. Potential withdrawals from the Mascoma Lakeside Park Trust Fund of $128,600 for the purchase of the property as well as an additional amount for legal and surveying expenses as may have been incurred by the Town.
  2. Transfer of funds to the Conservation Fund; and
  3. Town Manager directive, as agent to expend, to withdraw funds from Employee Retiree Benefits Trust Fund