Animal Control

Detailed information about the Licenses of dogs can be viewed at Dog Licenses.

NH Statutes Relating to Animals

Source Description Chapter Section
Title LXII Crim.Code Dog registration, rabies vaccine.,rabies certificate Ch 644 Breaches of peace & related offenses 644:8, 466:1, 466:1-a, 466:1-b
Title XL Agric., Hortic.& Anim. Husb. Dog, cat & ferret rabies vaccine. Ch 436 Diseases of Domestic Animals 436:100
Title XL Agric., Hortic, & Anim. Husb. Animal Husbandry    
Title XXI Motor Veh. Approaching Horses Ch 265 Rules of Road Obedience to & Effect of Traffic Laws 265:104 Approaching Horses
TitleLXII Crim. code Cruelty to Animals Ch 644 Breaches of peace & related offenses 644:8 Cruelty to Animals


Local Rules & Regulations

Title Date Adopted
Town of Enfield Canine Ordinance March 19, 2001


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