Planning Board

Mission Statement

The Town of Enfield Planning Board is responsible for reviewing applications for subdivision, site plan review, excavation, home occupation and town driveways. The Board is also responsible for keeping the Town Master Plan and Capital Improvements Plan updated.

Minor Subdivisions (two lots), Major Subdivisions (more than two lots), Boundary Line Adjustments (no new lots created), and Voluntary Mergers (two or more lots into one) all fall under the Enfield Subdivision Regulations and must be approved by the Enfield Planning Board.

Board Members

Chair (2025)
Vice Chair (2026)
Secretary (2027)
Ex-Officio Member (2025)
Ex-Officio Alternate (2025)
Member (2025)
Member (2026)
Member (2027)
Alternate Member (2025)
Alternate Member (2025)

74 Lockehaven Road
PO Box 373
Enfield, NH 03748
United States

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