4) Department Strategic Plans

Below are the proposed strategic plans for seven of the eight Enfield municipal departments covering 2019-2023. They provide the best thinking of department personnel regarding:

  • Historical trends,
  • Projected demand for existing and new services,
  • Proposed citizen-oriented outcomes,
  • Strategic initiatives needed to achieve those outcomes, and
  • Proposed budgets for that five-year period.

The department heads and municipal officials recognize that plan elements and costs will have to be prioritized and that some may never be approved. Nonetheless, they reflect all that department heads would hope to achieve on behalf of Enfield residents if funds were available.

Notice that almost all departments cite facility limitations as real constraints to performing their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and each proposes investments to upgrade their facilities. In most cases, these investments will not optimize the space needed, just improve them somewhat. This is why Enfield has contracted with an architecture and engineering firm to explore whether it might not be more advantageous to invest in a municipal complex that could provide for such space needs in a better fashion.  Results from that study will be available around December 2018 and will be shared publicly.

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