Enfield Community Power - Launching in April 2023!

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Here is link to the recorded information session on Enfield Community Power held on Tuesday, March 28, 2023:
Enfield Community Power Launch (video)

What is Enfield Community Power?

Enfield Community Power is the new, locally controlled electricity provider in the Town of Enfield! We provide the actual energy known as generation, and our charge replaces what the utility company would have charged for the same service. Although the electric utility company will continue to charge you for their transmission and delivery lines, there are no duplicate charges because the charges are for different services.It is a way for Enfield to take control of our energy future and lower electricity costs

How does Enfield Community Power work?

The short answer is, we provide your electricity, and the electric utility company delivers it. In more detail, we supply power to homes and businesses at a lower cost (and higher renewable energy content) as the baseline service, with an opportunity to opt for up to 50% or 100% renewable energy. Your electric utility company continues to be responsible for the billing, maintaining the power lines and handling all new service requests and emergencies. Your bills will continue to come from Liberty, Eversource or NHEC.

How do Enfield Community Power rates compare to the Utilities?

Residential customers who elect to receive our Enfield Community Power “Granite Basic” product will receive a minimum of 23.4% renewable energy, and will see significant savings when compared to Eversource and Liberty  generation service. At the launch date in March of 2023, Community Power rates were set at 15.8 cents/kWh. Liberty's rate was 22 cents/kWh and Eversource was at 20 cents/kWh.  

Customers can also choose to pay just a little more each month and upgrade to one of our optional products, shown below:



Granite Basic

23.4% Renewable (minimum required by state law)

Granite Plus

33% Renewable or Carbon Free, is only be 0.4 cents/kWh additional

Clean 50 (optional)

50% Renewable or Carbon Free, is only 1.1 cents/kWh additional

Clean 100 (optional)

100% Renewable or Carbon Free, is only 3.3 cents/kWh additional


What do I need to do?

If you don't do anything, when Enfield Community Power launches (expected date in April, 2023), your energy supply will change from the Utility's 'default' to 'Community Power' and your electricity costs will go down. If you would like to change to a different energy source, or go back to your default utility source, you can do that at any time with the online link, https://www.communitypowernh.gov/enfield (live in April 2023) or through the toll-free number, 866-603-POWR. The next billing period your new choice will be reflected in the bill. You can also choose to buy electricity with a higher percentage of renewables through the same links if you'd like.

Please download the detailed FAQ below for many more answers to Community Power questions, including net metered (solar) customers!

How do I opt in, out or up to a cleaner energy plan?

Please call 1-866-603-POWR (7697), or click here:  Enfield.CommunityPowerNH.gov

More Questions?

Don't hesitate to email Jo-Ellen or Kim:  jecourtney820@gmail.com, kim.quirk@gmail.com


--------   Enfield Community Power Plan  ------

There is also a link below which is a pdf of the Enfield Community Power Plan, which was adopted at the Town Meeting on April 30, 2022 and then amended by the Selectboard on September 6, 2022. The amendments can be found in attachments 9 and 10, which were required by the NH Pubic Utilities Commission after their initial review.