Harris Brook Scenic Area

Discover the Harris Brook Scenic Area. Bring a picnic lunch and behold views of Moose Mountain. Watch mergansers, loons, Canadian geese, and beaver swim. Find purple Fringed Polygala flowers carpeting the forest floor.  

Sit at one of the many hidden bays and feel the breeze. The shallow waters are perfect for children looking for crayfish and tadpoles. Development of the Harris Brook Scenic Area was the Conservation Commission’s major project during 2015.  

A parking area was established in May, and then hard-packed in October. A trail around the reservoir was completed this summer. Trail and information signs as well as a visitor registration box have been installed. During Old Home Days, the Commission led a hike around the reservoir culminating with a picnic. Special thanks go to Rob Godfrey, Leon Pelletier, and Paul Currier for their work at Harris Brook.