Community Building Rental

Community Building - 308 US Route 4, Enfield NH
Community Building
Enfield Community Building

The Enfield Community Building is again available for rental.  New reservations are being accepted.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are temporary reduced occupancy limits to allow for social distancing.  The maximum capacity must be adjusted if tables are used in such a way that they reduce the available square footage for people.  Tables against the walls reduce the space for social distancing and therefore reduce the maximum capacity.  For every 3 tables set up the maximum capacity is reduced by 2.  

The temporary maximum occupancy limits are:
13 - Downstairs Meeting Room
50 - Upstairs Hall

Please note: Private Rentals of the Enfield Community Building are for Enfield residents Only. When requesting a reservation please include the time you need before your event for set-up and the time you need after your event for clean up.

Click here for photos and room dimensions of the Enfield Community Building.

Yes, there's WiFi!

Questions? Please call (603) 632-5026 or email [email protected].


Lost & Found

If you've left something behind at the Enfield Community Building please check with the Town Manager's Office as the item may have been turned into our office. Items that remain unclaimed for an extended period of time will be disposed of as appropriate.

If you find something left behind at the Enfield Community Building please bring it to the Town Manager's Office.

You can contact us at 603-632-5026 or email [email protected].


Please note:

Building Rental Application (Rev. March 2020)

You must abide by the Building Rental Rules

Building Rental Checklist


Building Rental Rules (Rev. April 2017)

Required Reading.  Violation of rental rules may result in revocation of rental privileges.

Dish Sanitizer Instructions


Pass-Thru Cooler Measurements


Policy for Scheduling of the Enfield Community Building


TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy)

Insurance is required if alcohol will be present at your event