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Enfield Shaker Village Byway Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda
February 21, 2017

Enfield Shaker Museum
Enfield, NH

I. Welcome and Updates

II. Review CMP Scope, Components and Guidelines

III. Create Action Plan for CMP

IV. Plan Next Steps and Next Meeting

Posted 2/16/2017


DATE:           February 15, 2017
CONTACT:  J. William Degnan, State Fire Marshal
                        Matthew Labonte, Supervisor, Bureau of Building Safety & Construction


State Fire Marshal Warns of Building Collapse Danger

State Fire Marshal J. William Degnan announced today that due to recent successive snowstorms there is a greater urgency to clear roofs of snow and ice that has accumulated.  A roof may collapse with little or no warning, and one common misconception is that only flat roofs are susceptible to collapse.  High roof parapets can accumulate drifting snow and unbalanced loads due to the recent high winds add even more strain to roof structures.  The following warning signs could indicate that you have a danger of roof collapse.  You should immediately evacuate the building and notify your local building official, fire department, or contact a structural engineer to determine if the building is safe if you observe the following:

        Sagging roof steel – visually deformed  
Severe or new roof leaks  
Cracked or split wood members  
Bends or ripples in metal supports  
Recent cracks in walls, drywall or masonry  
Cracks in welds of steel construction  
Sheared off screws from steel frames  
Sprinkler heads pushed down below ceiling tiles  
Doors that pop open
Doors or windows that are difficult to open
Bowed utility pipes or conduits attached to the ceiling
Creaking, cracking or popping sounds

Past fire investigations have determined that fuel-gas service to some buildings have been damaged due to heavy snow loads and snow sliding off roofs onto gas meters and components.  In addition, snow sliding off roofs onto outside oil tanks has caused valves and filters to be broken off.   The State Fire Marshal urges all citizens to do the following:

  • Clear roofs of excessive snow and ice buildup, being careful not to damage gas and oil service to the building.  Clearing the roof can be dangerous and should be left to professionals.  Using a roof rake is recommended while keeping away from electrical lines. 
  •  Keep all chimneys and vents clear to prevent carbon monoxide from backing up into the building.  Some vents, such as pellet stove vents, may exit the building through a wall and are susceptible to being blocked by excessive snow buildup on the outside of the building.
  • Keep all exits clear of snow, so that occupants can escape quickly if a fire, or other emergency, should occur.  Keep in mind that windows should be cleared to allow a secondary means of escape in case the primary means of escape is blocked by fire.  Keeping exits clear also allows emergency workers to access your building.
Specific fire and building safety questions can be answered by local fire and building officials or by contacting the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 223-4289.

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2017 Town Manager Search Committee
Committee’s Purpose:  Appointed by the Enfield Board of Selectman in January 2017, the Committee is tasked with identifying a slate of highly qualified candidates from which the Board will select the next Town Manager.  The Board of Selectman retained Municipal Resources Inc., (MRI) represented by its President and Chief Operating Officer Alan Gould, to assist the Board and Committee with its work.  
The Search Committee looks forward to engaging collaboratively and transparently with a wide range of stake holders.  Enfield citizens, elected and appointed officials, town employees and other interested parties are encouraged to email/call MRI directly with their thoughts about the next manager.  The Search Committee’s work will continue until we have a final slate of candidates to present to the Board of Selectman who make the final hiring decision.  The Search Committee expects to complete its work by May.
Enfield citizens, elected officials, appointed volunteers and town employees with thoughts about the qualifications, skills, and interests of Enfield’s next town manager are encouraged to reach out to Alan Gould at MRI via email or phone:
Email:   or Phone: 603-279-0352 x320
All communications with MRI are confidential.  Summaries of comments, without names of those providing those comments, will be provided to the Search Committee and will inform search criteria and candidate interviews.

Committee Membership:
Dominic C. Albanese (Chair)
Lee Carrier
Donald (Donny) J. Crate
C. Robert (Bob) Cusick
Samuel Eaton
Shirley A. Green
Melissa Hutson
Jean Patten
Annabelle Bamforth (Minutes)



Happy One Year Anniversary!

Yes, we are one year old this week!  We are grateful to all of our donors, partners and volunteers for making this possible.
We are honored to have You, our shoppers, visit us as needed.  We try very hard to bring the best resources we can assemble to our community.  Healthier foods is our goal and we are grateful to the NH Food Bank, Willing Hands, Pricechopper’s Fresh Rescue, USDA, food drives and our many anonymous donors that “just drop stuff off”!  

We are open:

Canaan:  Wednesdays from 2:30-6:30 PM MTD Building behind Canaan Hardware
Enfield:  Thursdays from 3-7 PM  Enfield Town Office
Requirement:  proof of residence of any of our five school district towns

You are all welcome to visit us to see what we are all about.

To volunteer go to

Wish lists:

Ground coffee/ regular and decaf
canned peaches
canned beets
canned spinach/low sodium
canned peas
toilet paper
fresh fruits and vegetables—we do have refrigeration at each site

HMMMMM!  I bet we have an anniversary treat bag this week also!

Carolyn Cusick
on behalf of the Friends of Mascoma Foundation

Posted 2/16/2017

Lost & Found

If you've left something behind at the Enfield Community Building please check with the Town Manager's Office as the item may have been turned into our office.  Items that remain unclaimed for an extended period of time will be disposed of as appropriate.

You can contact us at 603-632-5026 or click here to email us

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748