Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield NH 03748
Public Hearings Notice - February 6, 2018
Town of Enfield, N.H.
Public Hearings Notice - CORRECTION

The Board of Selectmen will hold five Public Hearings

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
beginning at 6:30 PM
Public Works Facility
74 Lockehaven Road, Enfield

Hearings, as previously noticed, are scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM and will be held in sequential order with each hearing beginning immediately following the conclusion of the prior hearing.

Public Hearing #1:  in accordance with RSA 33:8-a, regarding a Bond or Note over $100,000 for a Capital Lease of Vehicles and Equipment for replacement Public Works dump truck and replacement Police cruiser;

CORRECTION:  Public Hearing #2:  in accordance with RSA 33:8-a, regarding a Bond or Note over $100,000 for Crystal Lake Road Improvements (approx. $58,000), Fire Station and Shedd Street Garage Furnace and Insulation Upgrades (approx. $20,000), Huse Park Basketball Court Improvements (approx. $15,000), Whitney Hall Parking Lot Resurfacing (approx. $15,000), Transfer Station Office Trailer Replacement (approx. $6,500) and Community Buildings Security/Locks Upgrades (approx. $3,000) for a total bond amount  up to $117,500;

Public Hearing #3:  in accordance with RSA 31:19, regarding acceptance of donated funds in an amount greater than $10,000 in support of the Mascoma Lakeside Park, for deposit into the Mascoma Lakeside Park Trust Fund;

Public Hearing #4:  in accordance with RSA 31:95-b, regarding acceptance of $16,500 in Asset Management Planning Grant funds.

CORRECTION:  Public Hearing #5: regarding a 2018 Town Meeting warrant article to transfer $76,000 from the CIP Capital Reserve Fund to the Municipal Facilities, Maintenance and Equipment Capital Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding from the Municipal Facilities CRF a Strategic Governance Study (approx. $25,000) and the purchase and implementation of municipal finance and permitting software (approx. $51,000).

Hearings may start later, but not earlier than the posted time.