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Town Manager Update - October 11, 2013

I will start with a quick reminder that next week is a trash/recycling pick-up week.  We have received a few comments regarding trash not being picked up but recycling was – one possible reason may be the timing of the pick-up.  The trash trucks may be through your neighborhood earlier than expected, if possible you may place the containers out the night before. 

I want to share a story from a meeting we had with a potential phone/data provider.  As you know many Town buildings will be connected to the new FastRoads fiber network and the Town is actively reviewing proposals for our own phone/data needs.  The provider proposed a 5mb connection at several of our more remote buildings, which was on the low-end of bandwidth offerings.  (I‘m sorry if this is too technical)  I quickly pointed out that 5mb is not an insignificant amount of bandwidth.  Many of our residents are still working with a dial-up connection to the internet, or a 56kb connection at best.  FastRoads has the potential to forever change our community.  Those that are connected, about 1/3 of the Town is eligible, will be on a state-of-the-art network that will allow them to use the internet in ways they could not have imagined.  Our school district will be on the network, along with larger districts like Lebanon, Hanover, and Keene.  We have been told by potential residents/businesses that while they love the Town, the lack of access to high-speed internet is a factor when deciding on whether to make Enfield their new home.  For those who are eligible to connect to the network, please take the time to visit the FastRoads website at  There you may click on the Providers tab and scroll down to find the residential providers that will offer service in Enfield.  To be eligible for the free connection, that is, from the pole to your home, you need to select a provider by the end of 2013.  Once you select a provider, they will then contact FastRoads, who will in turn inform their contractor, Cable Connection, that a connection is ready at your property.   The contractor will contact you and arrange for a convenient time to perform the work.  I am told that it should take between 1-2 hours to complete the work.  I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding this project.

The 2014 Budget season has begun.  The Budget Committee met last week for their organizational/kick-off meeting.  Doug Pettibone was re-elected Chair of the committee and Sam Eaton was elected as Vice-Chair.  The Budget Committee will begin their work in earnest early next month with departmental reviews.  My goal this year is to place as much of the working documents associated with our budget on-line at our website.  I will warn you though that our budget document at first glance appears as if it is written in another language with many terms/phrases that do not make sense.  Luckily I am now fluent in New Hampshire Budget speak and I should be able to translate the budget to normal english, believe it or not each state has their own unique form of budgeting language. 

This is the last weekend of the season for our outdoor Farmers Market at Huse Park, if you have not been, I guarantee you will be surprised at the variety of offerings from our very local vendors, not to mention thoroughly satisfied with their quality. 

Thanks and enjoy what promises to be a classic Fall weekend.

Steven Schneider

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748