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Town Manager Update - August 30, 2013
Town Manager’s Update                                           August 30, 2013


I wanted to start this update by sharing our progress with a variety of projects:
Jones Hill Road – The project is complete.  We budgeted $265,000 and the cost for the project was $266,904. That total may change for the better as we finish up our accounting of the various materials for the project.  Many of the materials used are commonly utilized elsewhere, like gravel and aggregate.
Salt/Sand Shed – Proposals are due today .  The project budget is $150,000.  We anticipate that the project will be completed by late Fall.
Solid Waste Shed – the project total is $15,000.  We are waiting to determine how the new trash/recycling program will impact our operations before we commit to building the shed.  If necessary we can encumber the funds for possible use in 2014.
DPW Waste Oil Burner – This project is complete.  We budgeted $8,500 and the cost was $7,160.  This project replaced an existing waste oil burner.
Community Building Heating/Cooling – Before we make any changes to the heating and cooling systems at the community building, we will be conducting an energy audit.  The results of the audit will assist us in determining what size furnace and air conditioners we may need.  The audit will be conducted in September.
Community Building Tile and Floor Refinishing – We budgeted $7,500 and the proposals came in at $6,995.  We have blocked out two weeks of time at the Community Building to do this work.  In addition to refinishing the floors, we will be replacing the entrance way floor with a slip resistant tile.
Parking Lot Paving – The budget for this project is $15,000.  The lowest bid was $14,729.  The Union St. Fire Station parking lot will be resurfaced, along with sections of the Depot St. Fast Squad parking lot.  We expect the work to be completed by December 1, 2013.
Whitney Hall Repairs – We budgeted $40,000 to repair a section of the front porch and the front porch roof.  Proposals are due in September.
“Pig” Launcher – The budget for this project is $15,000.  Pig stands for, pipeline inspection gauges.  This will be used on the Rt. 4A force main sewer line.  The “pig” is launched into the line to scrub the inner pipe without having to disrupt the flow inside the pipe.  This project is on hold until we complete a repair on the line.
Marsh Well Meter Vault – This project is complete and had a budget of $5,200.  
Fast Squad Building – This project had a budget of $12,000 and is completed.  The building needed to be painted along with a few minor repairs.
A special thanks the Jim Taylor for compiling this information.

We are almost one month into our new trash/recycling program and everyone should have received a letter from the Town outlining progress and changes.  One reminder I would like to offer is that next week is a holiday week and everyone’s scheduled pick-up date will be delayed a day.  Please continue to contact my office with any concerns or insight as we try to make this program as successful as possible.  

Have a great week and enjoy Enfield.  Thanks.

Steven Schneider

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748