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Citizen Requests

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Town Managerís Update - August 2, 2013

I would like to start this update by discussing the changes to our Solid Waste/Recycling program.  As you are aware, next week will be the first week of our new program.  The Town has contracted with Casella to provide everyother week curbside pick-up of both solid waste and recycling.  We have had many questions regarding this service and I will do my best to address them as part of this update.  First, the mailing from Casella is posted on our website,  That mailing provides many of the details regarding what may be recycled, where to place the new containers, what day is the scheduled pick-up, etc.  We do have extra copies at Whitney Hall if necessary.  At this point most, but not all of the containers have been distributed.  We will allow residents to place their own solid waste container this week if they did not receive the new containers.   Pick-up of solid waste and recyclables will be done on the same day.  I know that the magnet that Casella provided is a bit misleading and can be interpreted to read solid wastepick-up one week and recycling pick-up the next.  That is not the case, both will be picked up on the same day.  We have received many calls remarking that the size of the containers are too big for their needs, you are able to switch to smaller containers (32 gallon) for both solid waste and recycling if that fits your needs better.  You may contact the Town offices and we can arrange for the switch.  If you do not wish to participate for whatever reason, please notify us and we will arrange to have the containers picked up.  I do anticipate discussing this issue at the next Selectboard meeting on Monday night at 6pm at the Enfield Center Town House.    If you have never been to the Enfield Center Town House, here is your chance, be prepared though, there are limited facilities, meaning no bathrooms or heat, and limited parking.  If you do come to the meeting, please park at the Union Church across the street.  In the near future I will have the contract with Casella and the results of the on-line survey, and the initial memo distributed to the Selectboard available on our website.  I understand this is a change and truly do appreciate the concerns that have been shared.  We are doing our best to accommodate those concerns and are thankful for your patience as we work through this process.  

We are nearing completion of the Jones Hill Road project.  The final driveway tie-ins and shoulder work will be done next week.  While it may not seem like an innovative project, we had several officials from surrounding communities and the State come an observe the emulsified layer of roadway sub-base.  The emulsified layer was applied as a liquid and allowed to cure for a week to harden.  This process will provide a better foundation for the road-way and is a relatively new concept for our region.  A big thank you to our Highway crew for all of their hard work.  Our crews did the majority of the drainage work and prep work for the project.  

I had a meeting this week with our Information Technologies (IT) contractor and Sovernet to discuss the service the Sovernet can provide to the Town over the FastRoads network.  While Sovernet will not be providing residential service (yet), they are a commercial provider of both a voice and data product.  It was a very informative meeting, and we as an organization will see a marked improvement in our broadband speeds.  What does this mean, for the homes in the FastRoad service area, this means that we are getting closer to being able to provide service over the network.  We have had close to 350 homes indicate that they would like to be connected to the network.  There are a few properties connected in Rindge for a beta test of the network so thet when we are ready to connect many of the issues will be resolved.  We can expect properties in Enfield to be connected either late summer or early fall.  

I met with Canaan Town Adminstrator Mike Sampson this week to discuss an upcoming meeting about community health care.  Mr. Sampson made a presentation to the Enfield Selectboard at our last meeting and it was very informative.  The upcoming meeting is on August 20th at 7pm at the Canaan Hall at the Canaan Speedway.  I will have a copy of the flyer on our website and a few hard copies at Whitney Hall.  To be brief, the meeting will focus on how we can locally control the accessability, quality and cost of health care.  Mr. Sampson has spent 18 months working with over 100 people in the five town Mascoma region to develop a plan.  If you have the time, this will be time well spent on an issue that effects us all.

A couple quick recreation reminders, the Enfield Farmers’ Market is this Saturday from 10am to 1pm.  In conjunction with the Enfield Police Department, the Mascoma Regional Recreation program will be showing The Princess Bride, at Huse Park at 8:30pm on Saturday night.  Hopefully we can show the movie outside, if not the Community Building will be our rain site.  Please take advantage of both of these local options.   

Have a great week and enjoy Enfield.  Thanks

Steven Schneider

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748