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Town Manager Update - April 26, 2013

Police Chief Crate shares the following:  With the warmer weather we want to remind everyone to be aware of pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles on our roads.  Motorcycles account for a quarter of the fatal crashes in our state.    Please be safe and courteous to one another, we all share the roads.

Our Route 4 Water/Sewer extension project is coming to a close.  This upcoming Monday will be the final walk-through and inspection.  Nearly all of the pipes have been pressure tested and there are crews currently completing the landscaping along the project area.  Letters have been sent to the project property owners this week informing them of the changes made by the Selectboard to the Sewer Ordinance.  Specifically, the changes address time frames to connect and waiving of fees.  Before the final paving takes place, the State needs to do a bit of work on the section of Rt. 4 from Lovejoy Brook Road to Baltic St.  That work is expected to occur either next week or the week after.  Once that is done, the final paving can occur.  We have been told that the final paving will take one full day to complete.  As we get closer to that happening, I will send out another notice.

One of the better parts of my job is hiring personnel.  Over the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of interviewing candidates for two positions: Planner and Regional Recreation Coordinator.  The Regional Recreation Coordinator will lead a joint effort of Enfield and Canaan to develop and expand recreation oportunities within our towns.  Kati Lary Jopek was hired to fill the 20 hour per week position.  Mrs. Lary Jopek is a Mascoma alum, Canaan resident and has developed an impressive resume in her short time since graduating from Providence College.  Kati started last week and has hit the ground running.  I will provide a more detailed update later this spring.  The Town Planner position has been filled over the last 2 years through a contract with the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC).  We contracted for 12 hours a week of staff time.  Nate Miller has been our acting planner during this time period and has done remarkable work.  Nate has guided our Planning Board through the latest Route 4 Zoning Ordinance amendment, as well as securing a grant to assist with the informational outreach for the amendment.  Our transition from UVLSRPC to an employee is due to more activity within Enfield.  Scott Osgood has been hired to be our new Town Planner.  Scott is a Henniker resident and has worked in both the private and public sectors.  He is an engineer and has done project management for Trumbull Nelson.  Scott was the chair of the Henniker Planning Board and has recently been elected to be a Henniker Selectman.  Scott will be working 25 hours per week and his first day will be April 29th.  A hearty welcome aboard to both Kati and Scott.   One quick aside, there is one question that I ask in every interview, and it is not in the traditional name your strengths, weaknesses, etc., vein.  The question is geared to get the candidate to speak a bit more informally and to start a conversation.  My thought process is that if someone has made it to the interview, that they have the technical qualifications to perform the job, and I want to know if they can have a normal conversation.  So, I ask everyone, “If you were a tree, what tree would you be?”  I share my answer to that question with them after their answer and we go from there.  There is no wrong answer to this question, but it does produce some interesting answers.  
There have been crews from Waveguide in our area installing fiber for the FastRoads project.  They plan on being here for another 3-4 weeks.  They have plans to install new utility poles on Ibey and Choate Roads within the next week or so.  Residents within the service area still have an opportunity to sign up.  The connection forms may be found on our website or at Whitney Hall.  I had a conversation with a service provider and they are finishing up the market research before they roll out and offer service in Enfield.
This past week our Town Clerk, Carolee Higbee, and Deputy Town Clerk, Sandy Romano, attended training that will increase our level of service.  Specifically, we will now be able to register boats.  We have had many inquiries over the years about offering this service and we are pleased to be able to begin registering boats next week.  One other area that will change in the future is the ability to utilize a credit or debit card to pay your taxes, vehicle registration, etc.  

Have a Great Week!!!

Steven Schneider
Town Manager

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748