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Prevent Frozen Water Lines
The Town of Enfield Water Department is receiving calls from water customers experiencing frozen service lines.  The service lines the Town has thawed so far were either on services that have experienced freeze ups in the past or belong to people who have been away from their home for a period of time.  The frost is at least four feet into the ground on roads, driveways and other areas where the snow is plowed off.  Please take following precautions to prevent these costly freeze ups:

1)      Leave a snow blanket over waterlines where feasible.
2)      Periodically inspect pipe insulation around waterlines for rodent damage and other problems especially in crawl spaces and under mobile homes.
3)      Replace heat tapes that have been in use for several years or are in poor condition.
4)      Leave trickle of water going to keep the water in the service line flowing.  A stream equal to the thickness of a pencil lead (+/- 60 gallons a day) will provide cheap insurance.
5)      Open cabinet doors to allow heat in where waterlines run on or near exterior walls.
6)      Have someone house sit or stop at your house and verify that the heat is working if you plan to be away for any time.

 If you experience a problem with your water please contact the water department immediately at 632-4605.


Jim Taylor
Director of Public Works

Town of Enfield, NH
23 Main Street, Enfield, NH 03748